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International Journal of Economic Practices and Theories (IJEPT) is an open access journal that aims to provide publication opportunities to academics and practitioners from various business and economic fields.

International Journal of Economic Practices and Theories

Focus and Scope

Our goal is to develop a communication platform between researchers and to become a forum for exchanging ideas and business experiences at an international level. The journal encourages free access to relevant economic information and offers international visibility to authors.

Articles from all economic areas are welcomed. Both theoretical and practical manuscripts are expected.

The journal will be published quarterly. Its goal is to achieve international recognition through a high visibility in well-known international academic databases.

Suitable topics include, but are not limited to: Advertising; Brand management; Business governance and ethics; Business information systems; Business innovation and research; Business law; Business performance; Commerce; Consumer behaviour; Corporate social responsibility; Customer equity; Customer relationship management; Econometrics and statistics; Economic growth and development; Economic informatics; Economic integration; Economics and business education; Entrepreneurship; Environmental economics and business; Finance and accounting; Financial and banking services; Food science; Game theory; International economics; Internet and E-commerce; Investment theory; Knowledge management; Labour economics; Law and economics; Macroeconomics; Management; Management of human resources; Marketing; Microeconomics; Monetary and financial economics; Quality management; Quantitative economics; Quantitative methods and business statistics; Retailing; Strategic alliances; Tourism; Urban, rural and regional economics.


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Call for papers

The International Journal of Economic Practices and Theories invites academicians, professors, researchers, PhD and master students which are connected to the topics of the journal, to publish their work.

We invite authors to send their papers for the next issue of The International Journal of Economic Practices and Theories.


Editorial Advisory Board

Professor Laurentiu-Dan Anghel, The Bucharest Academy of Economic Studies, Romania

Professor Grazia Calabrò, University of Messina, Italy

Professor Augusto D'Amico, University of Messina, Italy

Professor Zenon Foltynowicz, Poznan University of Economics, Poland

Professor Janusz K. Grabara, Czestochowa University of Technology, Poland

Professor Bernd Hallier, Managing Director of EHI Retail Institute, Germany

Professor Lubica Knoskova, University of Economics in Bratislava, Slovakia

Professor Maria Claudia Lucchetti, Roma Tre University, Italy

Professor Pacha Malyadri, Principal, Government Degree College, Osmania University, India

Professor Jasmine Moreira, Universidade Estadual de Ponta Grossa, Brasil

Professor Puiu Nistoreanu, The Bucharest Academy of Economic Studies, Romania

Professor Bogdan Cristian Onete, The Bucharest Academy of Economic Studies, Romania

Professor Rodica Pamfilie, The Bucharest Academy of Economic Studies, Romania

Professor Sabka Pashova, University of Economics - Varna, Bulgaria

Professor Giancarlo Santoprete, University of Pisa, Italy

Professor Ion Smeureanu, The Bucharest Academy of Economic Studies, Romania

Professor Angela Tarabella, University of Pisa, Italy

Professor Eva Waginger, Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration, Austria






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Vol 4, No 5 (2014): Special issue on Marketing and Business Development

International Journal of Economic Practices and Theories, Vol. 4, No. 5, 2014 (October 2014)

Table of Contents


"Big Data" Opportunities on the Example of Yandex Mobile Applications PDF
Ekaterine Tavberidze 504-510
The Effect of Intrinsic Motivation on Job Satisfaction: Mediation Role of Service Recovery Performance PDF
Romina Cheraghalizadeh 511-517
The Influence of Brands on Consumer Behavior in Selecting a Travel Package PDF
Ionela Valeria Popescu 518-525
Personal marketing appeals: How personality dimensions influence feelings toward emotional images PDF
John Magnus Roos 526-533
Marketing Concept of 'Luxury' To Ulterior High Net worth Individuals (Uhni) PDF
Milind Fadnavis 534-538
Persuasion Knowledge: A Cognitive Resource against Anti-Smoking Persuasion PDF
Fayçal Boukamcha 539-551
Ethics in International Marketing PDF
Aygul Isayeva 552-561
Theories and Practices of Customer Listening: an Exploratory Qualitative Study with Banking Telesales Agents in France PDF
Maryse Koehl 562-571
The Importance-Performance Analysis: an Evaluation of Tourist Satisfaction with the Destination Attributes PDF
Maria Johann 572-578
Marketing Strategies of Polish Companies on International Markets PDF
Wojciech Grzegorczyk 579-584
Mediating Effects of Decisional Balance in the Transtheoretical Model of Change for Customers who Mismanage their Money PDF
Amira Berriche, Francis Salerno, Mihai Calciu 585-595
Health Tourism and Patient Satisfaction in Turkey: the Ankara Example PDF
Dilaver Tengilimoglu, Demet Taş, Elif Eşiyok Sönmez, İsmail Bircan, Alper Guzel 596-606
New Product Launch: A Critical Review and Research Directions PDF
Gabriela Căpățînă 607-621
Quantitative Researches of Marketing Concerning Consumer Behavior of Educational Services Offered by Private Universities in Romania PDF
Elena Irina Petrică 622-625
Organic Growth Marketing Strategies in Hospitality Industry PDF
Ioana Simona Ivasciuc 626-636
Moving Beyond the Stage Gate Models for Service Innovation: The Trend and the Future PDF
Intekhab Ian Alam 637-646
Strategic Issues in Managing Photovoltaic Business in the Context of the European Union. Case Study-Romania PDF
Adrian Dumitru Tanţău, Maria Alexandra Nichifor, Horaţiu Regneală 647-657
The Role of Marketing Restructuring in a Company Crisis PDF
Drago Dubrovski 658-667
Analytical and Behavioural Elements of Marketing Planning Model – Empirical Evidence from Polish Firms PDF
Katarzyna Rupik, Tomasz Żyminkowski 668-676
Romania, as a Tourist Destination, Seen from the Perspective of the Online Media PDF
Timea Demeter, Gabriel Brătucu, Alexandra Palade 677-689
Qualitative Marketing Research to Improve Mountain Shelter Product Development for Romanian Mountain Tourism PDF
Diana Foris, Cristina Nicolau, Tiberiu Foris, Vasile Grecu 690-700
Re-Examining the Marketing Basics: The Mirage of the Routes to Persuasion? PDF
Monica Popa 701-710
The Impact of Eco-Marketing - A Quantitative Research on the Brasov’s Adult Population PDF
Mădălina Adina Opriş(Stănilă), Gabriel Brătucu, Alexandra Palade 711-717
Contribution of Foundations to Reputation in Corporate Social Responsibility Applications: Vodafone Turkey Foundation Review PDF
Emel Demir Askeroğlu, Zeynep Bahar 718-725
Current Conceptions of Marketing Activities in European Trade Companies PDF
Marek Drzazga 726-733
Social Media and Universities - an Unexplored Territory - Case Study of Poland PDF
Michal Sedkowski 734-742
Culture and Religion in Marketing Communication PDF
Nicoleta Popescu (Spârchez) 743-751
A Preview of the Mobile Marketing Research PDF
Daniel Claudiu Paraschiv 752-758
Implications of Knowledge-Based Management on Service Quality Management PDF
Roxana Elena Popșa 759-764
A Comparative Multicultural Study of Patient Satisfaction in the European Union PDF
Mădălina Alexandra Coțiu, Horațiu Sorin Dan 765-773
International Relationship Marketing: Stakeholders Selection Remains a Weakness in Emerging Markets PDF
Federica Bressan, Paola Signori 774-782
Marketing Education: Building Capacity beyond Competencies PDF
Bistra Vassileva 783-790
Marketing Productivity Analysis PDF
Anca Francisca Cruceru, Violeta Rădulescu 791-795
Virtual Agent: A Determinant of Online Social Presence and Consumer Trust in Websites PDF
Ahmed Anis Charfi, Muhammad Atif 796-806
Food Products in the Retail Market: Conceptual Boundaries and Classifications PDF
Ghassan Shakhshir 807-814
Whiteness Constructed in a Multicultural World PDF
Renate Aakerhielm 815-823
Country-of-Origin and its Influence on Consumers’ Buying Intention – A Conceptual Study PDF
Roxana Denisa Stoenescu 824-828
The relationship between the organizations that communicate through events and the outsourcing companies PDF
Daniel Moise, Anca Francisca Cruceru 829-834
Business Development: What’s Behind the Name? PDF
Anne Theresa Eidhoff, Jana Poelzl 835-844
The Place of Social Responsibility in the Business Model of A SME PDF
Adina Roxana Munteanu 845-855
Monitoring Instruments for Marketing Promotional Activities on the Internet Applicable in Adult’s Education Services and More PDF
Claudiu Dan Gostian 856-869
Porter`s Models – are they still of relevance? PDF
Marco Pister 870-876
Art Market Practices A Move towards Practice-Based Arts Marketing Research PDF
Hanna Niklasson 877-886
Design in Luxury Business PDF
Wioleta Dryl, Anna Dziadkiewicz 887-893
Positioning Strategies for Obtaining and Sustaining Competitive Advantage PDF
Adina Cristea 894-902
The Theory of the Business as the Starting Point of Business Development Strategy: Evidence from the Media Industry PDF
Normand Turgeon 903-909
Education and its Influence on Corporate Performance PDF
Lenka Kocifajová 910-917
Service Quality and Market Performance of Bulgarian Banks PDF
Nadezhda Kalinova 918-925
Factors Influencing Consumers’ Purchase Decision of Private Label Brand Products PDF
Kamel Ben Youssef, Marco Fazzini, Thomas Majd 926-935
New Technologies Impact in Nowadays Shopping Centers Marketing PDF
Irene Mihaela Ioniţă (Moldoveanu) 936-942
Building Brand Identity in IT Markets: a Conceptual Model PDF
Bistra Vassileva 943-951
“Pay What You Want”: A Participative Price Setting Mechanism PDF
Carmen Balan 952-963

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